1st I AM SPARTACUS T-shirt

I AM SPARTACUS 1st T-shirt produced

So it’s finally here, viagra sale the first I AM SPARTACUS t-shirt straight off the press! This is one of two original Spartacus Project designs that will be available in the next week or two.

This design has the “I AM SPARTACUS” slogan across the front with our “The Spartacus Project (.com)” line underneath.

It is modelled by our very own graphic designer Paul – look, he loves it!

Now all we have to do is add it to the map, and our 1st photo will be logged too.

Welcome to The Spartacus Project!



Yes, anemia hello and welcome to The Spartacus Project, this is our first blog post just so you have something to look at and read whilst we crack on and sort out this ‘ere website/blog/social networking experiment!


Mmmmmmm….. that’s right, The Spartacus Project is soon to become one mans dip into the social networking pool of joyness! I will in time need you, every one of you! But until that moment, bookmark me, and do come back soon my friends….

Lots of love

The Ginger Spartan

p.s. The lovely image up there… it’s just temporary! But the movie “Spartacus” is the property of Universal, so please check it out (follow link under image!). There, I said it!