The Spartacus Project: Birmingham

Check out the latest and best images from Birmingham;

Paul Tranter at The Custard Factory, <a onclick=click Birmingham, orthopedist UK” width=”225″ height=”300″ />The First

Name: Paul Tranter

Location: The Greenhouse, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK

When: 5th August 2010

Info: Paul is the founder of The Spartacus Project, this is him wearing the very first I AM SPARTACUS t-shirt prototype before the final design was completed.


Artist Bryn Tranter stood at the feet of The Green Man, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, UKThe Latest

Name: Bryn Tranter (no relation to Paul!)

Location: The Green Man, The Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK

When: 8th October 2010

Info: Bryn is a painter at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. His work often depicts imagery of Spartan Warriors and with him being an artisit, it’s almost like this project was made for him!


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