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#IAmSpartacus – Twitter explodes with support for silly fine

#IAmSpartacusBombing joke gets support through Twitter as 1, more about 000s stand by Paul Chambers who lost his appeal on Friday 12th November.

Paul Chambers, cost 27, lost his appeal against a conviction & £1,000 fine on Thursday after his Tweet was taken seriously about blowing up an airport Рsomething that was obviously done in jest and frustration.

Since then, thousands have shown their support for him by echoing the scene from the film Spartacus (you know the one – this is The Spartacus Project after all!) using the hash tag #IAmSpartacus and retweeting his original tweet.

“Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

The legislation that allows prosecution of hoax bomb threats needs a proof of intent Рwhich was obviously missing in the case, so instead Mr. Chambers was controversially prosecuted under an old law from the 1930s that was created to put an end to nuisance calls to female Post Office workers.

On Friday the 12th of November, #IAmSpartacus became the most popular worldwide #hash-tag being used on Twitter, with the likes of David Mitchell and Dave Gorman getting involved and Stephen Fry even offering to pay any fine that Mr. Chambers faces.

@christt boldly tweeted: “I think we should all tweet Paul Chambers’ original joke, Spartacus style. Thousands of us. Would that work? #twitterjoketrial” followed by a word by word copy of Chambers original.

This lead to a worldwide protest across Twitter in support of @pauljchambers

i-am-spartacusSadly we missed all the action, having chosen to take a short break in the UK City of Bath – Ironically sitting in a pub called The West Gate, wearing my “I AM SPARTACUS” t-shirt, surrounded by memorabilia of Peter Ustinov in Spartacus as well as original Spartacus movie posters – with no signal on my iPhone I was cut of from the Twitter community and all the excitement!

If you’d like to find out more check out @pauljchambers and @christt on twitter as well as further coverage on ITProPortal, The Telegraph, ah, hand on why not Let Me Google That For you…

British International Comics Show

We really enjoyed our time at BICS on Saturday 16th October 2010, page here’s some pictures of the day…

Clockwise from top left: Adam in his karbonkopi t-shirt with Batman, Ghost and The Joker, Catwoman, Paul and Vader then doing his best @wossy profile pic impression, BICS organiser Andy Baker wearing his Spartacus T-shirt at the Simon’s Cat event, The wonderful Simon Tofield talks about “That Cat”, Stormtroopacus (2x), Trev with some robot, posing with Tron, and feeling the Dark-side with Darth!